Kathryn Tamblyn, CN: A Simple First Step You Can Take Today

Kathryn Tamblyn, CN

Kathryn Tamblyn, CN

1Aisle welcomes Kathryn Tamblyn, a Certified Nutritionist and wellness expert based in Los Angeles, CA, to our growing panel of experts. Today, Tamblyn discusses the unconventional path she took in becoming a Certified Nutritionist and offers advice for those looking to take a first step into the world of healthy eating.

It’s been quite a transition for you, from the world of entertainment into becoming a full-time Certified Nutritionist. What made you decide to change your career path?

Yes, it has been! I spent seven years in the film industry, working on amazing movies, traveling and partying around the world. I thought I was living the dream. The downside was my health and well-being suffered from stress, fatigue and unhealthy meals. I was heading straight for a brick wall and needed to change course, so I began to really focus on clean eating and healthy living. I started feeling better than ever. I quickly became the health expert on set; I was preparing green smoothies and meal plans for my co-workers. Their newfound confidence, energy and happiness were completely inspiring. So, I decided to create a career where I could help people lead healthy lives. I’m now working with clients full-time as a Certified Nutritionist and the founder of a Los Angeles-based smoothie and cleanse company. Now I’m truly living the dream!

Where do you want to go?

I hope to inspire people all over the world in making informed changes and finding their inner healthy warriors.

Change is hard. What is a simple first step that our readers can take that would put them on a path to eating healthy?

A simple first step that readers can take today: Try to remove or limit sugary beverages like sodas, sports drinks and lattes from your routine. These drinks have an inflammatory effect on your body, raise blood pressure and lead to weight gain. Instead, hydrate with water and freshly squeezed lemon. This energizing substitute aids digestion and boosts immunity.

Why did you decide to get involved with 1Aisle and what do you hope to bring to the conversation?

As consumers, we’re constantly bombarded with information and new health trends. So many of my clients ask me about health-related articles and TV segments that contradict other sources. 1Aisle is condensing healthy data into an accessible format that everyone can use to create a healthy life. I’m excited to help empower 1Aislers to make informed, healthy choices at the market and in the kitchen with weekly tips and recipes.

Kathryn Tamblyn is a Certified Nutritionist and wellness expert based out of Los Angeles, CA. Her approach to healthy eating includes eating nutritiously dense, organic whole foods and green smoothies, daily yoga and meditation practice, love and travel. Connect with her on Twitter @KathrynTamblyn or visit her website KathrynTamblyn.com.


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