Mahi-Mahi: Sweet and Sustainable

Grilled-Mahi-Mahi-Mango-Salsa-with-Rice-and-Peas-and-PlantainsThis week’s fish Friday feature, mahi-mahi, is a sweet, lean, mild-flavored fish that reaches adulthood within 4-5 months and reproduces quickly and often.

1Aisle Executive Chef Jason Francisco recommends grilling mahi-mahi and serving it with a citrusy compote.  “Mahi-mahi is very lean so it cooks fast,”  says Francisco.  “You just season it and grill it.  They stay together really well on the grill.  Plus, it’s a very low-calorie source of protein with moderate amounts of mercury (.19 parts per million) far below the FDA’s recommended limit for human consumption.”

Food and Water Watch recommends looking for US-caught mahi-mahi, particularly hook-and-line caught varieties.  The organization further points out that the thousands of eggs released into the ocean during the mahi-mahi’s months-long spawning season keeps its populations thriving indefinitely, despite its popularity in the US.

Photo courtesy of Grilling in South Florida – Grilled Mahi Mahi with Mango Salsa by The Hungry Goddess.


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