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My Husband the Pescatarian

Newlyweds Dave and Peggy Orenstein

Newlyweds Dave and Peggy Orenstein

She’s a carnivore.  He’s not.  But so far, newlyweds Dave and Peggy Orenstein have struck an easy compromise despite their different food agendas.


“He cooks,” laughs Peggy.   “Well let’s say he does about 60% of the cooking, plus he’s a great chef.  I get my red-meat fix when we eat out. ”

It’s not that Dave is a pescatarian by choice.  “He was diagnosed with a digestive problem when he was young,” says Peggy.  “He couldn’t digest certain kinds of protein, and so he had to change the way he ate.  I’m okay with the lifestyle change.  It’s definitely healthier, but we also have to monitor how much fish we eat due to mercury and radiation in Japanese waters.  We eat a lot of vegetables, and we’re talking about introducing chicken and turkey into Dave’s diet.  We’ll see how that works.”

Although they manage to cook 6 nights a week, home-cooked dinners are not always easy for the ultra-busy couple.  “I have a two hour commute, so that usually leaves Dave, who’s in real estate, to do the shopping,  We don’t plan our meals out for the week in advance, and it’s difficult to keep track of what we have,” says Peggy.  “1Aisle sounds so cool.  Anything to help make the process easier would be a big help.”

Peggy Orenstein is a Health Forecasting Analyst at UCLA’s Fielding School of Public Health.  Her approach to healthy eating has changed somewhat since marrying a pescatarian, and although she enjoys the health benefits from her switch, she gets her read-meat fix at restaurants.  


Mahi-Mahi: Sweet and Sustainable

Grilled-Mahi-Mahi-Mango-Salsa-with-Rice-and-Peas-and-PlantainsThis week’s fish Friday feature, mahi-mahi, is a sweet, lean, mild-flavored fish that reaches adulthood within 4-5 months and reproduces quickly and often.

1Aisle Executive Chef Jason Francisco recommends grilling mahi-mahi and serving it with a citrusy compote.  “Mahi-mahi is very lean so it cooks fast,”  says Francisco.  “You just season it and grill it.  They stay together really well on the grill.  Plus, it’s a very low-calorie source of protein with moderate amounts of mercury (.19 parts per million) far below the FDA’s recommended limit for human consumption.”

Food and Water Watch recommends looking for US-caught mahi-mahi, particularly hook-and-line caught varieties.  The organization further points out that the thousands of eggs released into the ocean during the mahi-mahi’s months-long spawning season keeps its populations thriving indefinitely, despite its popularity in the US.

Photo courtesy of Grilling in South Florida – Grilled Mahi Mahi with Mango Salsa by The Hungry Goddess.

Supermom: Jennifer Lynds Gets Her Kids in the Kitchen

1Aisle Supermom Jennifer Lynds

1Aisle Supermom Jennifer Lynds

Jennifer Lynds is an ultra-busy stay-at-home mother of three who rarely finds herself at home.  Between her volunteering activities and her re-commitment to living healthy, however, Lynds finds that spending a little extra time engaging with her kids in the kitchen goes a long way.

“I have two ridiculously picky eaters,” says Lynds.  “But we had a bit of a breakthrough this week.  I decided to make butternut squash ravioli and brought my son Jack into the kitchen.  He helped out and tasted everything as we prepared it.  It was a really positive outcome.”

Butternut Squash Ravioli

Butternut Squash Ravioli

At dinner, Jack was excited to try his creation but a little too full to make it all the way through his meal.  Nevertheless, Lynds considers this a dinnertime win.  “I needed to bolster my credibility in kitchen and convince him that I’m not trying to ‘poison’ him,” jokes Lynds.  “Plus, he was so excited for Scott [his dad] to try his work. Scott made a huge deal about how delicious it was calling it the best ‘the best he ever ate.’  Jack was on cloud nine.”

Lynds’ dinnertime experiment proves that time spent introducing kids to the kitchen is an investment that can help transform how your kids think about food.   And who knows… in a few months six-year-old Jack may well be saving his mother time in the kitchen.

Jennifer Lynds is a mother of three (Jack, 6; Mark, 8; Rachel, 12) from Warren, PA.  Her approach to healthy eating includes obtaining the majority of her food locally and minimizing food waste.